How To Check If You Get Real Or Fake Amber Jewelry?

Looking For Amber jewellery? amber is often classified in the category of gemstone of the same class as the turquoise or the jade. In reality, however, it is a wood resin fossil. Amber jewellery is available in many different colors: yellow, coffee, green and more.

Amber’s was introduced for the first time by Russia but 90% of the amber comes from the place of Kaliningrad region of Russia. As you visit around the beaches of countries like the Lithuania, Estonia, or even near the Baltic Sea, you will find the Amber floating all along the beach.

Does amber have healing properties?

In recent days, it has been claimed that amber has healing properties. Amber, which is worn as a necklace or chain, or worn in small bags, is believed to be a cure for diseases such as gout, rheumatism, sore throat, toothache and stomach pain.

Amber jewellery

Amber estate jewelry Adelaide is also believed to accelerate childbirth and is a good remedy for snake bites. To protect the baby with a newborn, the baby is usually worn with an amber necklace.

Amber must be having some magical powers, which is why the use of amber heart-shaped amulets is becoming popular. It aims in providing best protection against the evil forces and help against the witchcraft. The use of amber has been common for the household sake too.

Therefore, you should be sure of finding the amber piece which is genuine and real and is not fake at all.

How can you check if it’s real or fake?

If you simply add a few drops of alcohol on the amber stone and it simply evaporates quickly and the surface does not at all stick, it means that the piece is 100% real. But if the surface gets sticky, then it is fake.

Let the salt dissolve in warm water, put amber in the water, because amber drives you to a good chunk. If you drowned, you have a fake. If you are buying real amber jewelry store that can be expensive, you will want to take care of your investment.

Tips to follow

  •   You should not be leaving the piece in the direct sunlight.
  •   Use your perfume just before applying the amber jewelry.
  •   Avoid getting into contact with rest of the household cleaners.
  •   Clean it by using the solution of mild soap and the warm water.


For centuries, wearing Amber jewellery has been believed to provide good health for the wearer because it was believed to balance a person’s mood and even reduce depression or anxiety.