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food photography

The hardest and the most challenging photography niche is product photography especially when it comes to food photography. Many photographers would just fail to capture the right image which contains a balance between art and reality. Other types of photography are easy to learn, they would require time but eventually, you will get the hang … Read more

film equipment hire

Everyone plans to make his/her wedding special where photography plays a major role. Wedding photography not only makes lasting memories but make your event extra special. Looking at the latest technology used by photographers in photography, drone technology is getting very common day by day. Earlier the drones were used to attack in wars, but … Read more

destination wedding photographer Sydney

The destination wedding photographer Sydney is a photographer that needs to work coming out of his or her comfort zone. This happens to be a whole new experience for the photographer and the couple as well. This allows him to go through some new sites that probably he hasn’t been before on. This is at … Read more