As you all know that art is very important for our health and mind it keeps us mentally healthy and active. There are so many artists around the world but Australian artist Gold Coast is the best. They are very popular in the whole world. People love to listen to their music artists. Their painting artists are GOD gift.

Different types of arts:

Visual arts:

It is a form of art in which the artist’s observation is used.

Sculpture art:

In this type of art people make sculptures with clay.

Applied art:

This is a type of art which deals with real-world functionality as well as applications. This is a subtype of visual art.


In painting, you use different types of brushes and paint to make something.

Performing arts:

This type of arts include dance, singing, yoga, opera, comedy, actors and many more. It means that something you can perform actually.


This includes taking pictures of people, animals or nature.


In this type of arts you draw things with the help of colors or pencils.


This is an interesting type of arts; in this, you can design clothes for brands. It includes graphic designer, interior designer etc.


In crafting, you can make different types of things at home.


This is a type of performance art in this type people sing or listen to songs.


This is also a type of performance arts, in this people do dance, yoga or opera.


This art includes people who design homes or buildings or bridges. This type of art deals with those people.


This includes people who love to make cartoons. An animation is a form of cartoons.

These are some types of art.

Art gold coast is very costly. Australian artist Gold coast is very expensive because of their demand. People who live in Australia love to go in their concerts or if they are actors then they watch their movies and will die to meet them.

Gold coast is s very beautiful place because of seashore; any art lover will fall in love with this place. Maybe because of the place there is so many Australian artist Gold coast. This place is very famous because of its beauty.

If you are an art lover then you should visit places which are full of arts. You will feel relax and cool minded after you interact with the world of arts.