Wooden toys have always been appealing for previous generations of kids; it’s an interesting comparison when looking at kids born before and after the 21st century. There is a difference of approach in both generations when it comes to play, yet wooden toys are still adored by kids of the new generation because of the timeless, durability and educational factors. The trend of playing with wooden toys declined following the introduction of plastic & metal toys. Kids naturally preferred plastic toys as they are more colourful, shiny and attractive. However plastic toys and inherently more fragile than wooden toys. If we look at the durability of wooden toys, that explains why so many old wooden toys such as wooden trucks, wooden cars, wooden toy kits, and wooden baby blocks can now be discovered as vintage collectors’ items. Kids play hard and often break their toys, however wooden toys are difficult to break, and are far more resilient to play when compared to the plastic and metal alternatives.

If we go back in the past, our parents and grandparents will recall sweet childhood memories of playing with wooden toys. The tactile nature of wood, and the fact that these simple wooden constructions demand imaginative play, explains why people have such vivid recall of these toys. Childhood is a memorable time that brings up special affiliations to certain toys, or times of play, especially when kids have grown up.

Apart from childhood memories, kids today also like to play with wooden toys and parents provide them as they know the true value of these toys. Apart from educational benefits of encouraging imagination, interaction, reasoning, problem-solving, coordination and spatial awareness skills, parents look at the long-term wellness of their child too. Using wood as an alternative to plastic and metals, protects the child from toxins and chemicals, and also demonstrates a mindful approach to the future health of the planet in which the child will live. Many parents are acutely aware of these factors, and start their children on safe alternatives from birth, which is why wooden teethers coated in organic balms have become one of the world’s top-rated teething alternatives.

This mindful approach to parenting, and the desire to protect the innocence of a child in such a fast-paced world is another reason why wooden baby blocks have become a trending item. The simple, holistic nature of basic play that excludes unnecessary stimulation, has resulted in wooden baby blocks become a hot list request for mummas when preparing baby shower gifting lists. These beautiful wooden toys also make a gorgeous styling piece in nurseries when playtime is over. The verdict is in wooden toys are back en-vogue, and are here to stay!